“What people don’t always recognize is that we are all benefiting from the rich cultural diversity. Behind every culture is the influence of our neighboring cultures and on a broader spectrum every culture commonly carries the most humanistic side of us. As a musician, it is my duty to invite all musicians to come together and create art that’s ground-building and celebrates culture. Because, when all else collides, music unites. Instruments, for example, reflect that. String and percussion instruments show that human side of us: our common thread and our heartbeat.” -Sita Chay at Immigrant Arts Coalition


Allegro magazine 

New York Musical Festival 2017 panel


the new york times panel

5 artists sharing their stories as immigrant artists


summary of the panel at the new york times

wonderful articles on what was said at the panel


donga news

Sita Chay was the first and only Korean to win the Latin Grammy. Featured article on DonA news paper. 


Fukio Media

Sita Chay made a statement at New York City Council.

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asia society

Korean Sanjo meets New York Jazz! Sanjo Festival will be held at Asia Society with masters of Korean Folk music on May 18th and 19th.